The Lab

The Circus/Dance/Laboratory is a movement research program at the CircusTrainingsCentrum Salzburg for professional circus artists, dancers and performers.

It offers local artists a space for artistic-scientific work with the tool "body" in order to be able to pursue daily practice and bring normality into everyday working life. Methods for the artistic engagement with movement are continuously developed, examined, trained and communicated together with like-minded people in order to increase the quality of creative processes. Regularity and continuity should enable depth in the research work and emphasize the value of process-oriented work.

The program runs all year round and offers different formats. Regular inputs are given by international guest teachers, the ongoing research work is in the hands of the participants. The public can get an insight into the research work at MARK Salzburg through cyclical showings, performances, installations or lectures.

“Daily, regular, sustainable. Artistic, scientific, qualitative, creative. Stability, collectivity, safety, permanence and normality.”

To join the circus/dance/laboratory is possible at any time, working hours are Monday to Friday in the morning. The topics and ideas of research, collective or individual, are determined weekly by the group. If you wish to lead a research week yourself, write us your topic to anmeldung@circustanzlabor.at and we will add you to the calendar of our website.

Opening hours:

All year round (except school holidays): Mon-Fri 10:00 - 12:00
Times change during the cycles!


As a prerequisite for participating in the laboratory, you must pay the professional fee to the CircusTrainingsCentrum (CTC).
Day: €10.00
Week: €40.00
Month: €120.00
Semester: €360.00