“El Destornillador” (“The Screwdriver”) is a project of virtual (online) conversations with various choreographers and directors of contemporary dance and circus performances. It seeks to uncover their ideas about movement research and how and if those ideas translate into their creations.

By means of the “screwdriver-method” of disassembling performances we uncover questions, findings, failures, traces, attempts, strategies and decisions that were building both movement material and corporeality that are inherent to a piece and shape it at the same time. Are bodies and movement, which we see in contemporary stage practices, the product of research supporting the creation of a work or the result of composing with recognisable vocabulary? Is the movement material present in the works codified material inherited from years of previous technical training, which dancers and circus artists have undergone, or are we witnessing a laboratory in which technique is put in the service of the creation and a new corporeality?

Eduardo Oramas, guest teacher in last year's CTL program, launched the project under the name "El Destornillador" in early 2021. Its integration into the program of the Circus/Tanz/Labor was positively received by the participants thanks to the increasing demand for theoretical, philosophical-artistic exchange among local artists. The screwdriver practice will be continued in this year's program with a focus on regional productions and choreographers.



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