Cycle #5

Workshop: 16th Oct - 21st Oct, CTC Salzburg

Mon, Tue: 9:00-12:00
Wed, Thu: 11:00-13:00
Fri, Sat: 9:00-12:00

Research phase: 23rd Oct - 26th Nov (Mon - Fri), 10:00-12:00, CTC Salzburg

Showing: TBA


The 5th and coming up research cycle will be introduced by a one-week workshop with Kim Ceysens. In the work she proposes we will focus on three different subjects:

The first subject is musicality and the relationship of movement to music: how can we move, dance or perform a circus discipline on (or off) the music? We will research multiple approaches of relating to music, through precision, through walking and moving, being on the notes or on the lyrics, diving into different layers a composition offers, etc. Supporting these studies, we will analyse two short pieces of music (one classical and one modern work) to work with their multiple layers and intricacies.

The second subject will be related to a movement quality that Kim calls “magic hands”, which is deep and endless and applicable in multiple movement disciplines. Magic hands is a quality she developed and refined in her solo work PATSY. It relates to hyper isolation of body parts and mixes elements of hiphop with contemporary dance principles. In this movement quality the hands lead the entire body, let body parts react in a chain reaction to one another or pull invisible ropes of resting body parts. It generates a vast amount of expressive and intriguing material, which you will be able to harness for your own movement or theatrical practice.

The third subject will engage with the craft of performing or more specifically: transforming and creating characters. It is an opportunity to be present on stage away from our owndaily selves and to experience play from that place onwards. We will explore and experience the portraying of a character / a role that wants to challenge the common neutral stage presence we often find in contemporary dance performances. We will play with facial expression, change of posture and our typical ways of moving and will work with make-up and costume. We will spend time performing and watching each other. We will work with improvisation and theatrical tools.

Research Phase

Following the workshop we will enter a research phase of 5 weeks, where we will be able to dive deeper into the subjects proposed in the workshop, develop them further and find and train our own personal interests within these topics. It is not required to be present for the entire research phase, it is recommended though to take part as much as possible, to acquire depth and ensure high quality of the work.

The Lab


We will close the research cycle with a showing, where the studied topics will be presented to the public in a format chosen by the participants (performance, talk, installation, film or audio presentation, etc). Every participant of the showing will receive a symbolic fee.
Date and place will be announced on our social media channels and our website.


To start the registration process, please send a short cv to our registration e-mail: anmeldung@circustanzlabor.at


280€ regular or 250€ for professional artists from the CTC (for more info, get in touch!)

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